Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So Help Me Hannah...a catch phrase that my Granny Maschal used when she was telling something she thought was unbelievable, shocking, or extrememley interesting. "So Help Me Hannah Chris, the train would stop on rain/snow days to pick up your aunt and I for school. And, would drop us off as close to school as they could get. It wasn't until years later that I realized how expensive it was to stop a train. All that for two little school girls!" Of course I always admired my grandmother's ability to tell great stories. But, it tickled me so when she started of something with So Help Me Hannah as for years I didn't understand the phrase and thought maybe she was getting her names confused. However, my grandmother never got names confused-she was as "sharp as a tack" until the day she went to heaven. So, that is why my blog is named So Help Me Hannah. In honor or my granny, the story teller, and in hopes I can share some unbelievable pictures, stories, suggestions with you! (photo above-me with my grandparents)